The Keeper’s Lodge Apiary

The Keeper’s Lodge site in Kennington Park is home to the Bee Barn and is Bee Urban’s base. For information about the many and varied community projects that happen here please follow this link to The Bee Barn.

In 2008 we gained access to the space, with support of Lambeth’s Parks department, and  worked extensively to transform the unused and derelict garden, carving out new growing beds, planting fruit trees, soft fruit, nectar-rich plants, herbs and flowers and making a suitable apiary space.

We now have 10 hives on this award winning site and have worked with Capital Bee to train a new generation of community beekeepers and provide ongoing mentoring, support and development. We provide space for other apiaries to extract their honey using our equipment and facilities, and expertise! Bee Urban also offers loan of beekeeping equipment to local beekeepers.

Honey is available from the Kennington Park Cafe or from us on our open days or events

Hive Inspection

Hive Inspection


The Bee Barn in the back ground.

The Apiary, with the Bee Barn in the background.