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Southbank Centre

Barnaby Shaw has been working with the Southbank Centre for the 6 years, supporting Mikey tomkins, Andrew Hinton and John Chapple with the Royal Festival Hive. In 2008 in took responsibility for the Royal Festival Hive, and increase the apiary…

Honey Rain

The sound that you are listening at was recorded at the Bee Barn during the harvest in 2014.

After spinning the honey to extract from the honey comb frames, we then pour the honey into large settling tanks where the honey sits before bottling up the honey.

This is the sound as the honey falls through the two filters into the honey tank.

Octavia Hill Flower and Vegetable Show

28th September 2013, Octavia Hill Flower and Vegetable Show, Bankside Open Space Trust were the organiser at their home site Red Cross Gardens. Opportunity to celebrating local growing around London Bridge and Waterloo. There were lots of fun activities for children,…

London Honey Show

The London Honey Show hosted at the Lanchester London Hotel. Lots of Bee Keeping group and producers such the Hiver Bee, Bees Abroad, Gold and Black and more. Interesting Talks from one of neighbours Dale Gibson.

More than Honey

Film by the acclaimed director Markus Imhoof. This is a film investigating the issues surrounding the plight of the honey bee. Scientists have found a name for the phenomenon that matches its scale, “colony collapse disorder,” and they have good…