Women Bicycle Project

Hosted at Camberwell Subterranea this workshop will run until end of June.

M check- getting to know all the part names of your bike how it works and how to clean and lubricate correctly. A chance to take things apart and put them back together. Looking at the Ball bearing parts of the bike and the chain drive. How your bike runs together to move you forward. From contact points to cables.
Brakes- Starting to work on how brakes work, types of brakes, how to change pads and parts of your own brakes on your own bike (some parts available from subterriania). All works are safety checked before leaving!
Puncture Repair- How to repair a puncture correctly on the move and at home quickly and safely…too does and do not. This session is the most useful and cost effective. Advice on tyre type, sizing of inner tube and tyre sizing knowledge.  What does 700×32 mean?? How do you replace a schwalbe marathon plus tyre??

28/01/2017-M Check
11/02/2017-Punture Repairs
18/02/2017-M Check
04/03/2017-Punture Repairs

18/03/2017-M Check
01/04/2017-Punture Repairs

22/04/2017-M Check

06 /05/2017-Punture Repairs
For more information please email Kate lead mechanic @  [email protected]

Course dates Women-Fix-It (1)

 Course dates Women-Fix-It (1)