Myatt’s Field Park

Cormont Rd, SE5

Bee Urban has managed an apiary in the park since 2009. It is situated in the depot beside the wildlife area.We started with 4 hives are currently have 8 colonies of honey bees as well as mating hives. We have been able to support other local bee keepers with queens from these mating hives, and we’ve also been able to create a home for the bees from the Hayward Gallery’s summer exhibition ‘The Human Factor’. The hives can be seen from Cormont Road and from a window looking through from the wildlife area. We also bring observation hives and information stalls to the summer fetes and harvest festivals in the park.

2014 honey from these hives is available at the Little Cat Cafe and at park events.

You can read more about the Myatt’s Field park and Bees here.

bee window DSCF2244 beeUrban attending hives2 July14 beeUrban attending hives July14