Castlemead Apiary

Castlemead Estate Garden, Camberwell Rd, SE5

Bee Urban works with the Tenants Association on Castlemead Estate in Camberwell to manage an apiary and a community garden. We installed the apiary in May 2014 with the help of local residents. Below are some before and after images of the site. We constructed a new pond and extensively planted in front of the where the hives are sited.This has two purposes; to create a natural barrier of planting before the hives and to provide the honey bees and other pollen and nectar loving insects (bumble bees, solitary bees, butterflies) with a good source of food.

We’ll be having activity days for this project throughout the year. If you live on or near Castlemead and would like to get involved please contact us.

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20140125_125401 20140125_114035