Fielding Street Allotments


Walworth, SE17

In many ways the apiary at Fielding Street Allotments was the precursor to what would become Bee Urban. Barnaby Shaw, Bee Urban’s founder, started the apairy here 8 years ago, clearing rubbish, rubble and nettles to enhance the wildlife area and create a biodiverse space for the bee hives. We have planted fruit trees, bulbs and other plants to increase the natural food sources for the bees here.

In 2012/13 Bee Urban raised funds from Cleaner Greener Safer to put a compost toilet on the site and to put in a new planted fenceline, working with a team from London Probation prepare the area.

The Allotment Society runs working party days and takes part in the Open Squares and Gardens Weekend.

There are currently 3 colonies of bees here, providing pollination services for the allotment’s many fruit trees and bushes! This site has been used to mentor new beekeepers and 2014 honey is available from The Beehive Bar on Carter St.